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Family Portrait Photography

29 July 2014


 July 29, 2014
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Family Portrait Photography: Keeping The Family Together

A family portrait is a great addition to your growing photo collection. It’s something to be proud of and to show guests—not just because it’s a compulsory household item but also because it’s a nice remembrance of how your family has remained solid through the years. The portrait session itself is reason enough to take time off your busy schedules for some family bonding.

What To Expect From The Family Portrait Photography Singapore Experience

Expect the photographer to also ask you to bring items of clothing that match or are color-coordinated. Color coordinating the group helps harmonize the theme and mood of the photograph. At the start of the photo session, the photographer would instruct you and other family members to stand in sub-groups or mini-groups within the shot. This offers variation to the whole photograph, making the subjects evenly spaced and intimate.

Things like clothing, setting and motifs are to be discussed prior to the photo session. Do you want the shoot to be more serious and formal, or fun and casual? Upon initial consultation, you should be able to talk to the photographer about what you have in mind for the shoot. You should also be able to discuss with your photographer the packages and freebies included in the shoot.

Outdoor Family Portrait Photography Session

The photo session itself may take place earlier or later in the day depending on your preference. If you’ve decided to hold it in the middle of the day, the photographer would choose a location where there’s a nearby shade whether one lent by trees, buildings or awnings. The photographer would also work with angling the photograph to be able to feature or eliminate your background.

Of course, all of these would still depend on what you have agreed upon with your photographer. Don’t forget to have fun and be spontaneous! This will give the photographer enough material to capture and work with when post-processing your photos.

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