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What Is An Executive Portrait?

29 July 2014


 July 29, 2014
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The company name may ring a bell. The products may be a hit to the clients. But it is still important to know the face behind those two. That is the purpose of an executive portrait. It shows who makes the key decisions that influence the direction of the company and impacts whatever such company offers to the public.

This image turns the company which is readily regarded to be an entity in question into an individual. It creates a more personal approach to the way such company conducts business. As a result, the company becomes more relatable. The image brings it much closer to the people. Those people include the shareholders, employees and customers.

Professionally Done Executive Portrait

But producing an image like this is not as simple as posing in front of the camera until the photographer presses the shutter. Much thought must be paid into its creation. The person should appear in the picture in such a way that he or she exudes the image that the company wants to impart. His or her image must project the values that such company abides with. He or she must be the model that the company wants to be associated with.

It takes a good photographer to translate these things into an image that suits the company best. It is not enough to simply have the tools and the skills to take visually appealing photographs. A good photographer must be someone who knows how to integrate his or her own inputs and combine those with that of the client while on the process of working out an effective solution.

What An Executive Portrait Should Look Like

Keep in mind that visuals speak louder than written words. It goes without saying that the composition of this image is of utmost importance. The person in the photograph should not just be dressed in an attire that is appropriate to the company he or she represents but the other elements seen in the image must likewise be taken into account. Is the person picture inside the office, at a factory or a studio? Those things among others contribute to the overall creation of an effective solution or the composition of an image that serves its main purposes.

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