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How To Prepare For Your Corporate Photo Portrait

5 May 2023


 May 5, 2023
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So you got hired and it’s your first job. Sure, you are in a euphoric state and can’t wait to tell everyone about the good news.But as you read the list that the HR asks you to furnish, something catches your attention and it suddenly makes you feel uncomfortable. Then you read it out loud, “corporate portrait.”You start thinking of many different things all at the same time like what kind of dress you’re going to wear, which studio or photographer you’ll choose and so on.

Tips For Your Corporate Photo Portrait Session

If you are not sure how to prepare for a corporate Photo Portrait, you might find the following information useful:

Dress for Success. Choose simple and comfortable corporate dress. Portraits are about faces, not about fashion. So don’t go crazy over finding the most striking business clothes around because you might end up doing a bit of overkill, as if you’re trying too hard to look professional.

Choose clothes that not only look good on you but also appeal to you. It will help reflect your personality.

Schedule the Photo Session in your rest day. While it will take just a few minutes to finish the pictorial, don’t assume that you can squeeze it in one of your busiest working days. If you do you’ll be crunched for time and you’ll be worried about getting late for work. And that may just reflect on your facial expression.

Also, scheduling it in your rest day will allow you to get enough rest and have enough energy for the pictorial.

Smile and relax. Yes, it’s your photo shoot so just sit back and relax. The photographer will be doing all the work for you.

Other Things To Consider For Your Corporate Photo Portrait Session

Bring Beauty/Vanity Products. Let’s face it putting on a light make up (even to men) can help add vigor to the subject’s appearance. If you can pull it off without relying on a make-up artist, then bringing a make-up kit and some hair products is a must.

Don’t forget to do some last minute touches. Look at the mirror and check if your hair needs to be combed or if the tie is not properly done.

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