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5 May 2023


 May 5, 2023
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What To Expect At A Photo Studio In Singapore

Photo studios in Singapore are one of the cleanliest and most modern in the world. After all, Singapore is a first-world and cosmopolitan city. Singapore’s savvy residents won’t tolerate any kind of mediocrity and that has made it the city that it is today. This is why businesses in Singapore value their headquarters so much since their offices represent their core business values and brand.

The staff of photography companies in Singapore possess a strong business acumen that people from all walks of life would appreciate. The staff know well that they should respect people’s differences and that some people may or may not be sensitive to some remarks. The photography staff also maintains a high level of professionalism should their clients be in some form of crisis.

Photo Studio In Singapore: Equipment

Photo studios in Singapore are equipped with the latest equipment and props. They have all the staples of a modern photography studio such as light boxes, reflectors, halo lights and other types of lighting fixtures, props, platforms and of course, digital cameras. The studio also has modern facilities where clients can prepare for their studio sessions. These facilities include dressing rooms that can accommodate a sofa (even a bed) and a comfort room; storage spaces; and dressers equipped with a music station, hairblowers, curlers and make up kits.

Photo Studio In Singapore Rental Rates

Photo studios are usually free of charge because the studio usage is already part of the packages. However, if a customer decides to simply use the studio and hire an outside photographer to do the portraits, then they can arrange for a special rental scheme with the studio owner if the latter will permit it.

The rental rates would vary greatly depending on the location of the studio (promiximity to the city center) or the reputation of the photography company. Usually though, the rates would range between SG $35.00 to SG $100.00 an hour.

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