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5 May 2023


 May 5, 2023
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Having Your Graduation Photographs Shine With Portrait Photography Singapore

There are photography secrets that can help all of us to look our best.

Everyone wants their graduation to be a time that they remember in a positive manner. That is why having the best portrait photography for Singapore residents is important. While these studios can do amazing things with your image, it will be important that you do what you can to ensure the best photographs are taken.

Portrait Photography Singapore Tips for Men

On the day of your photograph, make sure that you pay close attention to your attire. Unless bold colors do well with your skin tone, try to choose softer, neutral colors to really accent your skin tones. Your hair should be neatly groomed, without the use of excessive products to hold it in place and your skin should be free of creams.

When choosing a company offering portrait photography, Singapore graduates will need to check and see if the studio will be doing more than headshots. If they are doing full images in your graduation robe and cap, ensure your shoes and pants blend in well to that attire.

Portrait Photography Singapore Tips for Women

While you may want to cake on makeup, too much makeup will show up on film and give your skin a strange texture. If you must wear makeup, keep it as minimal as possible. If you need to be in full makeup, only accent one are and use natural tones on the rest of your skin.

For example, if you plan on wearing dark eye shadow, keep your lips and cheekbones lighter as this will helps your photographs to stand out. When doing your hair, choose a style that compliments your facial features, while being swept to the sides if possible. That way, your face is perfectly showcased.

You will want to always remember your graduation day. With the right company handling your portrait photography, Singapore graduates will have images that they can be proud of as they share them with family and friends.

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